Rancho Viejo urging state to restore electricity

The mayor of Rancho Viejo said she’s urging AEP and state officials to restore power to her city and others as soon as possible.

In an email to residents of the golf course community, mayor Cyndie Rathbun said she wants the state to resume electricity to the substations in the area.

“As you know, electricity was turned off to our area by the command of ERCOT, the State level energy commission of Texas. When our local AEP services get the green light from ERCOT to turn the substations back on, they will begin phasing in service again,” Rathburn said.

In her email, the mayor said services will first be returned to hospitals and sewage plants, but she said admitted there is no way of knowing if the city will be among the first to be serviced.

“We may possibly need to prepare for more time without power. If you can find another place to spend the night, please do so in an abundance of caution. Please run your indoor faucet at a drip to avoid a burst water pipe,” she said.

In a message via Twitter ERCOT reported outages will continue.

“ERCOT, continues to request that utility companies continue to decrease load on the electric grid. Power outages will continue for the rest of Tuesday, at least. We know this is hard. Thank you for your patience as we all work through this together,” the tweet read.

Rathburn said Town Hall will remain open so residents can charge electronics and warm up for a few hours.