McALLEN — The school board here may soon consider returning to in-person meetings after almost a year of doing so virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Two trustees voiced their support for making the return at the board’s meeting Tuesday after Trustee Tony Forina suggested the board return to in-person meetings during a discussion on the board’s schedule.

“I understand the virtual, but we’re asking our students and our teachers to return to class, and I think it’s time for us to lead the way and start stepping up and meet in person again as well,” he said.

Board Vice President Sam Saldivar Jr. said if the board opted to return to in-person meetings, they would have to achieve a physical quorum.

“If we want to do a consensus of the board through our board secretary, then we could potentially get a minimum of four physically present and the administration could make the adjustments to provide whatever staff needs to be there, then I think that would be something to consider,” he said.

Board President Conrado Alvarado and Salidvar both indicated they would support a return to in-person meetings.

“I prefer in-person as long as the CDC safety guidelines are put into play,” Saldivar said.