Nine more remains were identified from the Jan. 22 Tamaulipas homicides raising the total to 16 identified of the 19 people whose bodies were burned and left in a stranded vehicle.

The Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office announced they have confirmed the identity of nine more victims, all of whom are from Guatemala.

Madelyn E. “G,” Bramdon D. “G,” Rubelsy E. “T,” Santa C. “G,” Anderson M. “P,” Ivan G. “P,” Osmar N. “M,” Paola D. “Z,” and Dora A. “L” had their identities confirmed through DNA samples sent to the state from relatives.

The new total of those identified stands at 16, of which 14 are from Guatemala and two from Mexico.

Two families who believe their relatives are among those left unidentified already sent their DNA samples and are in the process of sending additional information needed, according to the news release. The DNA sample for the last victim still needs to be sent by the family.

During the course of the investigation, official reports and interviews from the responding officers appeared to be contradictory. Twelve state officers, a combination of state police and those part of a special state police force, were arrested and charged with homicide, abuse of power, failing to carry out their official duties, and providing false reports to an authority.

Mexican officials will continue working with Guatemalan families to identify the other remains.