SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — As someone who grew up with a family of artists and advocates of the arts, Kristi Abbott quickly discovered what her passion is.

Ever since she was about three years old, Abbott has been creating craft projects and art.

As a collage artist, Abbott creates her own originals that are made using a combination of papers, paints and other embellishment materials and makes reproductions on paper, metal, canvas and giftware.

With a love for the natural environment and pop culture, Abbott’s artwork is inspired by culture, music, movies, fashion and travel.

Since her early childhood, Abbott spent her life traveling between Sydney, Australia and Minnesota.

Most recently, Abbott’s talents have led her from Minnesota to the Art Business Incubator South Padre Island (ABISPI) Program.

ABISPI sets out to help art entrepreneurs who have the desire to own and operate their own art-related business on the Island.

During artists’ time in the year-long program, they’re granted access to their own studio and gallery space, along with other resources, at no cost to them.

Each year, the program accepts about five to six applicants.

“When this came up, I thought it was an amazing opportunity to spend a year on the island, meet new clients and hopefully be inspired to create some new work,” Abbott said.

Abbott was selected into the program this year and began her residency in April.

“It’s been awesome. Working with the other artists is super cool and I’m thankful because I think we’re all learning from each other and growing,” Abbott said. “Living on the island has been fantastic.”

Abbott hosts about two workshops each month at ABISPI.

“I love running the workshops,” Abbott said. “That’s an amazing way to share my art with people and teach them how I do it.”

Abbott’s next upcoming workshop involves making Halloween-themed collages from a selection of colorful textured paper.

“What I really try to do during the workshops is for them to have a lot of fun and walk away with a unique piece that they’ve created,” Abbott said. “What I really try to teach during the workshops is about layering, paper selection and how to combine different papers to really create excitement and interest.”

The workshop is scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 21 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. A class ticket is $65. Materials will be provided.

For more information about the art program or to reserve a class ticket for a workshop, visit

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