Children’s Museum to host Teddy Bear Clinic

Teaching children about their health can be difficult, so this weekend doctors and nurses will be using favorite stuffed animals to educate youngsters.

The Children’s Museum of Brownsville will be holding its annual Teddy Bear Clinic from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 9.

The idea of going to the doctor is rarely fun for children, your child can bring their own teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal to the museum for a checkup.

Health professionals will “examine” the toys and share the experience with the children, at the same time teaching them about a variety of health-related issues at an age appropriate level. The clinic will hopefully alleviate their fears of visiting a doctor.

Health professionals from the City of Brownsville’s Health & Wellness Department and Maternal & Child Health Department, Brownsville Police Department, Escudo Training Systems, Z-meal Planner, and others will be on hand for the kids and the teddy bears.