UTRGV Pre-Physician Assistant students donate money to local nonprofits

HARLINGEN — More medical equipment for those in need.

That’s how Dr. Stephen Robinson will use $1,000 donated Tuesday afternoon to Culture of Life Ministry.

“We’re always excited to use funds to help our patients,” said Robinson, executive director of the Ministry at 402 E. Van Buren Ave.

Robinson gladly received the money from the UTRGV Pre-Physician Assistant Society. This is the first year the organization’s Brownsville chapter, established in 2013, has been able to donate money to a local organization.

“It’s a very humbling experience to be able to use that money and give back to the community,” said Crystal Cantu, president of the society.

“It really speaks to us in a way because this is essentially what we want to do in the long term,” Cantu said. “We want to come back and be providers in our local community and give back the same way that we have.”

Robinson described Culture of Life Ministry as a faith-based organization providing medical care to those with few resources.

“It’s to be Jesus to people, especially to the patients that come in, and see Jesus in the distressing disguise of the needy as they come in,” Robinson said. “We promote a culture of life in the sense that we believe God gave everyone a right to live and we want to help them live life to the fullest.”

More specifically, Robinson, a volunteer physician for Culture of Life, said the organization’s purpose is to help people with chronic health care needs like diabetes and hypertension. They may have had accidents for which they need help, or it can be a hospital follow-up. It can be any one of a number of health matters for those in need of help.

This is precisely why the UTRGV Pre-Physician Assistant Society donated the money to Culture of Life.

“The mission of Culture of Life is something that we wholeheartedly stand for,” said Leinady Estrada, vice-president.

“We work hard to give back to our community,” she said. “Culture of Life Ministries is a nonprofit organization that does exactly that by providing free health services to our community.”