Money available to help conserve Monarch butterflies

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service will offering funding for conservation efforts that help farmers and ranchers in Texas provide food and habitat for Monarch butterflies.

The NRCS will invest $183,825 through the Conservation Stewardship Program in 2020 to help combat the species’ decline. The deadline to apply for this round of funding is June 5.

“Texas plays a critical role in conservation efforts aimed at increasing Monarch populations given the state’s strategic location along the species migratory pathway,” said Claude Ross, acting NRCS state conservationist for Texas. “Our agency has been working with private landowners and our conservation partners to establish and enhance desired and beneficial habitat for the winter and spring migrations of the Monarch butterfly.”

The project is meant to benefit the Monarch butterfly, pollinators, and other wildlife as well as assisting to reduce erosion, control invasive species, enhance soil health, provide quality livestock forage, and make agricultural operations more resilient and productive.

To learn more about the program contact your local NRCS Service Center at and visit the NRCS website at