Alamo recount affirms Garcia’s election victory as municipal court judge

Alamo Municipal Court Judge Celia Garcia will retain her seat following a recount held Wednesday.

The recount came about following the results of the Nov. 2 election. Garcia received 50.02% of the vote, a total of 1,070 votes. She was challenged by Diego Manny Guerrero and Ramon Mancias.

Garcia received a total of 1,089 votes, or 52.38% of the votes; while Mancias received 990, or 47.62% of the votes.

It was initially reported that the race could come down to a runoff due to Garcia earning 50% of the vote plus half of a vote, and not the required 50% of the vote plus one vote. However, Ramon confirmed the following day that Garcia was indeed the winner since a candidate cannot receive half a vote.

“Nothing changed. Everything remained the same,” Hidalgo County Elections Administrator Yvonne Ramón said of the results Thursday.

Ramón, however, said the final recount numbers wouldn’t be available until Friday.

“They sent in their people; there were three teams,” she continued. “It took pretty much the whole day, but at the end the results were the results.”

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Editor’s note: This story has been updated to correct the names of Celia Garcia’s challengers.