Crews from the Weslaco Fire Department and Weslaco Public Works rescued a horse mired in the muck at the bottom of a muddy embankment Saturday.

According to social media statements made by the fire department, the 800-pound horse was at the bottom of the 20-foot embankment for almost a full day.

Photos show men from the departments setting up a makeshift harness for the horse with cables and large pieces of rubber, and a crane set up at the edge of the ditch.

Video shows the mud-coated creature hopping up to a quivering, wobbly stand on the side of the embankment while a handful of men looked on.

“There you go,” one of the men coos before the horse’s cowboy leads the horse off down the trail.

“Great job to the Weslaco Firefighters and Weslaco Public Works that made this possible,” the fire department said on Facebook.