Bees attack group of migrants near Peñitas

(Courtesy: Border Patrol)

Border Patrol says bees swarmed and attacked a group of migrants near Peñitas on Wednesday.

In a news release, Border Patrol says a Honduran woman was separated from her 2-year-old daughter during the attack.

The woman was air-lifted to a hospital for treatment.

The bees swarmed at night after the group had crossed the Rio Grande, Border Patrol said.

“A female migrant was stung multiple times and required medical assistance. A medical helicopter was requested to transport her to the hospital,” a news release states. “Agents relocated her and the group to where the helicopter was standing by. Moments before departing, she advised agents that she was separated from her two-year-old daughter during the attack.”

A short time later, Border Patrol said agents found the woman’s daughter in good health with another group of migrants.

Four of the 12 migrants who were swarmed by bees were transported to medical facilities and are expected to make a full recovery, the news release states.

(Courtesy: Border Patrol)