Guns, drugs, vehicles seized in Tamaulipas’ Frontera Chica

Tamaulipas law enforcement working in the “Frontera Chica” this weekend arrested city authorities helping criminal organizations and seized vehicles, “two of them monster types,” as well as dozens of weapons, thousands of cartridges and drugs, according to the Mexican state’s news release Sunday.

Five operations took place across Camargo, Diaz-Ordaz and Miguel Aleman, three Mexican communities just south of Starr County, on Friday and Saturday by the special forces team known as GOPES, or Grupo de Operaciones Especiales.

On Friday, GOPES law enforcement arrested four city employees assigned to the city’s Transit and Municipal Protection in Gustavo Diaz-Ordaz suspected of providing support to organized crime operatives. An investigation is underway.

Over in Miguel Aleman that day, the team also seized packages of marijuana weighing about 191 kilograms, 20 weapons, 422 magazines and 16,621 cartridges and 29 tactical vests.

In Camargo, state police officers seized two vehicles with tire irons inside them.

The next day, state police continued operations in Camargo where they seized two “monster type” vehicles with handmade armor, two other vehicles, over 2,300 cartridges of 50 caliber and more than 1,600 of other calibers, in addition to five long arms, 48 magazines, six radios, six ballistic vests and 20 tire-punchers.

State police also seized 829 cartridges and 240 long gun magazines from a hole dug in a vacant lot in Miguel Aleman on Saturday.

The seized items and the people arrested were handed over to the corresponding authorities for investigative and judicial purposes, according to the release.