Palmview dog groomer sued in puppy’s death

A woman sued a Palmview groomer, alleging an employee killed her 4-month-old corgi after drugging and possibly choking the animal in April.

Isamar Cavazos sued the Doggie Experts Salon and its owner, Alex Villarreal, for gross negligence June 10.

The Doggie Experts Salon denied each of Cavazos’ allegations in a July 6 response to the lawsuit and demanded that Cavazos provide strict proof under the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Cavazos’ attorney, Reynaldo Ortiz, said his client’s case is egregious.

“The little puppy was drugged up to keep him still and the drugs caused him to go into cardiac arrest and there’s some indication the groomer choked him as well,” Ortiz said.

The lawsuit said Cavazos brought her puppy, Hunter, to the salon for a routine grooming session April 10 and when her husband picked the dog up, he called Cavazos to tell her something was wrong.

The dog could barely stand and could not walk and was throwing up blood and breathing erratically, according to the lawsuit.

“Plaintiff immediately called Villarreal to inquire what happened and he became aggressive on the phone,” the lawsuit stated.

Cavazos claims Villarreal then threatened her for asking about what happened to the corgi.

“Despite telling the Plaintiff that Hunter would be muzzled during grooming, Villarreal claimed Hunter had bitten his child. Yet he could not explain how a muzzled dog had bitten anyone and further could not explain what his child was doing at his professional place of business,” the lawsuit stated.

Cavazos said she immediately took her dog to a veterinarian who indicated that the puppy had been drugged and then strangled.

“Hunter died shortly thereafter,” the lawsuit stated.

After Hunter died, Cavazos reached out on social media and discovered multiple people had similar experiences with dogs appearing to be drugged and distraught at the business, according to the lawsuit.

“Prior to this incident, Hunter was a happy, full spirited and playful four month-old dog. By reason of the conduct described above, the Plaintiff has suffered losses and damages in a sum that is within the jurisdictional limits of the Court,” the lawsuit stated.

Cavazos’ suit asks for damages of up to $250,000, as well as expenses for the corgi’s medical care before the puppy died.

She requested a jury trial, but a trial date has not yet been set, records show.