San Benito valedictorian looks forward to gaining new opportunities

San Benito High School senior Liam Gore was named valedictorian of the Class of 2021. (Alana Hernandez/Valley Morning Star)

SAN BENITO — When Liam Gore, 18, sets a goal for himself, he focuses on what he wants to accomplish and makes sure to reach it.

One of Liam’s main goals was to get accepted into a good college, however, many other accomplishments came along with that.

Liam was named San Benito High School’s valedictorian for the graduating Class of 2021.

“This is a big blessing. These past four years have just kind of led up to this moment,” Liam said. “I’m very grateful for everyone who’s helped me get to this point.”

Liam will attend Lamar University in Beaumont and plans to double major in biology and biochemistry.

He’s also going to be a part of the school’s honors college.

“When I was researching all of the different colleges that I was applying to, I really liked all of the opportunities they offer at Lamar, specifically the opportunities offered through the honors college,” Liam said. “That’s one of the reasons why I applied there.”

Liam plans to become a physician.

“In college, I want to participate in undergraduate research and maybe I can do that as part of my future as well,” he said. “I know there’s different PhD and MD programs so maybe experience in undergraduate research would help me make that a possibility in the future.”

Liam said his role models are his parents because they’ve supported him his whole life and are the reason why he’s the person he is today.

“I think I’ve always had this drive,” Liam said. “My parents really instilled that in me to try my best at everything I attempt.”

Liam is excited to graduate high school and see whatever the future holds.

“Things are looking more hopeful these days so I look forward to going off to college and experiencing the new opportunities they offer,” he said. “I thank my parents, teachers and everyone who’s helped me get to this point. I really appreciate their mentorship and guidance.”


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