SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — Whether it’s a unique place to eat, listen to music or site to visit, this award winning TV series aims to share Texas businesses’ stories.

Recently, a local establishment on South Padre Island caught the eye of the TV series.

The Texas Bucket List announced it will feature the Padre Island Brewing Company this weekend.

The TV series will air it’s special about the Padre Island Brewing Company in the Valley on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. and Sunday at 6:30 and 10 a.m. on KRGV/ABC.

According to The Texas Bucket List’s press release, Padre Island Brewing Company was created in the 1990s when brewpubs were legalized in Texas.

“A friend of mine that lived in Harlingen called me up and told me that the legislation was getting ready to go through for these small breweries to happen,” Padre Island Brewing Company owner Mark Haggenmiller stated. “I helped him write a business plan and that turned into a job offer. That was 26 years ago and it’s still here.”

The Texas Bucket List is hosted by Shane McAullife, a native of Round Rock, Texas.

The series aims to tell the tales of the Lone Star State, one Texan story at a time.

“While only five beers are made at a time, they are crafted with the best seasonal flavors,” the press release stated about the Padre Island Brewing Company. “So what better place to sit down with a fresh pint, some delicious food and watch that same beer be brewed and processed all in the same room.”

The Padre Island Brewing Company will be featured on The Texas Bucket List this weekend. (Courtesy photo: Padre Island Brewing Company)

Padre Island Brewing Company will be featured alongside two other stops — Moontower Pizza in Burleson and Seismique in Houston.

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