BISD launches new recycling effort

The Brownsville Independent School District has launched a recycling campaign called Recycling Mattters at BISD to demonstrate the district’s commitment to recycle throughout the year and minimize non-hazardous waste.

So far, Redfish Recycling waste management services has distributed 63 recycling containers to campuses and facilities throughout BISD. In a news release, district officials said Recycling Matters is part of a larger program of activities through which the district will take an increasingly active role to further understanding and preservation of the environment in the years to come.

“At BISD we need to think about our future by reducing, reusing, and recycling,” Superintendent René Gutiérrez stated in a news release. “Nearly 75% of school materials are recyclable and by encouraging the participation of the BISD employees and the community, we will accomplish a better place to live.”

BISD’s main goal is to establish a commingled recycling program district-wide that will raise awareness of the 3-R’s of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

Other goals include that BISD will provide educational videos and training to all employees, encourage participation in recycling and waste management, and encourage the participation of the community through partnerships and collaborations to achieve Recycling Matters at BISD.