Cameron County registers 221,505 voters for the first time

The Cameron County Elections Office announced today the county surpassed its goal of having 220,000 voters registered in the year 2020.

Elections Administrator Remi Garza said his office registered 221,505 voters.

“These past two years, we have worked to raise our number from 2018, when we had two hundred and three thousand, six hundred and sixteen (203,616). While our community has seen a great deal of changes, as is reflected in updated voter registrations and cancellations, we were able to add thirteen thousand, nine hundred fifty-six (13,956) in 2019 and seventeen thousand, five hundred and forty-seven (17,547) new registrants to our voter rolls in 2020, “ Garza said in press release.

Garza said his office strives to make sure that all the residents of Cameron County who are qualified to vote can do so when they are ready to vote.  It all starts with up-to-date registrations.

He added another benefit of these efforts is that it allows us to draw down more state resources to extend our work into the community, he said.