Texas teachers associations start petition for vote of no confidence to BISD superintendent

The Texas State Teachers Association created a Change.org petition asking for a vote of no confidence for Brownsville Independent School District Superintendent Rene Gutierrez.

The petition states that Gutierrez failed to effectively lead the school district prior to and especially during this catastrophic pandemic.

“Dr. Gutierrez has unfortunately demonstrated a high disregard for the BISD community by frequently isolating and failing to communicate effectively with all necessary affected groups,” the petition states.

As of 10 a.m. Friday, more than 500 people have signed the petition.

The petition was started by the Texas State Teachers Association, Association of Brownsville Educators and the National Education Association.

BISD’s response to the petition:

The Brownsville Independent School District’s (BISD) mission is to graduate students who are prepared to excel in higher education and successfully pursue career opportunities in a changing global society by maximizing resources to ensure equitable opportunities for all students.

It’s the belief of the school district that everyone in the community has inherent values, talents, and beliefs. Also, that the success of the each student, educator, and family is vital for future growth and sustainability in the community.

The district respects the associations’ opinions, however, it is the responsibility and obligation of the BISD superintendent to follow and adhere state and federal guidelines such as the Texas Education Agency and the United States Department of Education to provide the highest quality of instruction during these extraordinary and difficult times.

Although the decisions made by the local, state, and national governments may not be understood, BISD and stakeholders must work together as a community to achieve the district’s mission and goals of educating our children.

BISD has continued to provide meals during the pandemic since March, the summer, and at the start of the school year. The district has also provided teachers raises and has purchased $10 million dollars of school supplies, internet hotspots, laptops, and iPads, to enhance distance learning.

BISD has developed a plan of action to safely begin the phase-in process of allowing students to attend face-to-face instruction as required by state guidelines. This plan has been presented to the Board of Trustees and Administration to start the implementation of the reopening phase in late September.

The district will remain focused as well as ensuring the health and safety of the students and employees as a number one priority.