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Harlingen’s Café 406 strong as ever after burglary

HARLINGEN — The bagel lies open and beckons the hunger, teasing the eye and the appetite with its egg and sausage and jalapeno and salsa and…

Hidalgo’s Rock & Roll Sushi a hidden gem of an experience, perfect for Lent

Rock & Roll Sushi in Hidalgo is a small restaurant that offers good sushi at great prices. It’s an exciting spot for those observing Lent, or wanting to try something new in the Rio Grande Valley with a beautiful area surrounding it.

Like the southern coast: Muelle 37’s Mexican seafood

HARLINGEN — Fish swim along the walls and the music fills my ears as the waiter shows me to a table.

Just a sweet experience at Azúcar Y Sal in McAllen

McALLEN — I don’t think that you can put a price on friendly service, and the folks at Azúcar Y Sal seem to have a monopoly when it comes to treating customers like family.

Pause the journey at Doña Carmen’s in Los Fresnos

There’s the flashing of a sign across the dining room where the people and the meals fill the tables.

Deadly decade-long listeria outbreak linked to cojita and queso fresco from a California business

A California cheese and dairy company is the source of a decade-long outbreak of listeria food poisoning that killed two people and sickened more than two dozen, federal health officials said Tuesday.

Universal Market & Indian Restaurant has an array of flavors for cuisine’s newcomers, lovers

McALLEN — Walking into the Universal Market & Indian Restaurant you are instantly surrounded with traditional Indian aromas coming from the restaurant buffet and awestruck with the selection of food in the market.

Brownsville’s Las Ramblas tapped by James Beard Foundation again

Las Ramblas at Market Square in Brownsville has been named a semifinalist in the James Beard Foundation's "Outstanding Bar" category for the second year in a row.

Sasi’s Thai in Brownsville is a fine departure from the familiar

BROWNSVILLE — The blue-green lights breaking through the cold and the wet of a January night beckon me into the welcoming warmth of a place thick with aromas and music of a faraway place.

A genuine Korean experience at McAllen’s Nak Won Jung

McALLEN — Nak Won Jung not only offers some of the best Korean cuisine in the area but also gives customers a Korean authenticity upon entering the restaurant.