Flu Season – How long does flu season last? When should I get vaccinated?

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By: Dr. Cruz Bernal
DHR Health Urgent Care

Flu season is upon us! The optimal time to get your flu vaccine is now, during the month of October as the peak of flu season usually occurs in December. It is recommended for people over the age of six months to get a yearly flu vaccine.
Influenza, or the flu, can be a serious illness, especially in adults and particularly in people with chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Remember that people over the age of 65 bear the greatest burden for severe flu. Approximately 75 to 85% of flu related deaths are in people over age 65.
Getting your flu vaccine reduces the amount of flu related cases which in turn reduces hospitalizations related to the flu. But most importantly it helps keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.
There are multiple myths and questions regarding the flu vaccine, including the following: “Does the flu vaccine cause the infection?” No, but keep in mind that it takes a couple of weeks to acquire the desired immunity. “I got the flu shot last year; do I need it this year?” Every year the shot is updated depending on the new viral strains of the flu, so yes, it is recommended yearly. “I got the flu vaccine and I still got the infection.” While in some cases some people may still get the flu virus after receiving the flu vaccine, the vaccine can help reduce the risk of severe illness. “Can I get the flu shot and COVID vaccine together?” Yes, you can.
Remember to not let your guard down. COVID is still amongst us and we need to be prepared during this year’s flu season.
If you haven’t received your flu vaccine yet, contact your primary care provider to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about getting the vaccine for you and your family. Vaccines prevent infection, keep us healthy and can help you, your family and your community stay healthy.
DHR Health Urgent Care can help guide you through the process of getting your flu vaccine. If you or your loved one would like more information about getting your vaccine, please call DHR Health Urgent Care at (956) 362-5050.