What is robotic surgery and how can I benefit?

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By Dr. Alberto Pena, MD, FACS, FASCRS
DHR Health Surgery Institute

Minimally invasive surgery has improved the life of countless patients since its innovation years ago. The first laparoscopic case was done in the 80’s and now has become the standard of care for the majority of major operations.  Robotic assisted minimally invasive surgery is a recent innovation that will also likely become the standard of care in the future. The visualization and magnification the robot provides during surgery turns a two dimensional laparoscopic world into a three-dimensional real world for a surgeon.

I have seen significant benefits for patients and have been able to perform cases using the robotic interface that would have otherwise required a conventional operation. Robotic surgery not only saves the patient from larger incisions, pain and longer hospital stays, but also improves the overall patient outcome. Patients now have the option of robotic surgery for cases which would have otherwise required an open fashion surgery.  Robotic surgery now allows patients to have more complex cases in a minimally invasive platform.

DHR Health has been influential in pioneering robotic surgery in the Rio Grande Valley. It is the first hospital to introduce robotic surgery to the area. Many first major robotic operations have been performed at DHR Health, which may have otherwise been done in a major metropolitan area. The first robotic total proctocolectomy with ileal pouch anal anastomosis to be done South of San Antonio was done at DHR Health.

I am proud to offer robotic surgery to the people of the Rio Grande Valley and bring cutting edge techniques back to my home for the benefit of my neighbors and friends.  If you would like more information on robotic surgery or to see if you are a great candidate, please call DHR Health Surgery Institute at (956) 362-8170  to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.